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Construire en terre

Construction en terre, maisons individuelles, rénovations d’écoles, équipements, recherche et développement – C-re-aid, NGO, Kilimandjaro, Tanzanie, 2019                                                 Matériaux : brique de terre crue fibré compressée avec une presse hydraulique manuelle, bois local, bac acier.

Article de Presse            C-re-aid NGO (Tz)


« C-re-aid, established in 2012, is an architectural NGO dedicated to exploring the possibilities of responsible building practices and materials; to promote long-term socio-economic and environmental improvement across Tanzania. C-re-aid is developing locally sourced building materials into alternative building techniques. We constantly engage in research of the materials to improve our techniques and to find the balance between affordability, ecology and durability. With those building techniques, we aim to provide standard housing on a large scale in Tanzania. A standard house is affordable, ecological, culturally sensitive and easy to maintain. C-re-aid wants to inspire communities and their children with our architecture and raise awareness of the importance of the built environment where one grows up in. C-re-aid promotes that architecture has possibilities to improve indicators that lead to poverty. »