(Non retenu) – Concept : Mathéo Fradet              Crossroads : the open call, A Festival of Creative Urban Living, Raumlabor berlin, Milton Keynes, UK, 2019


‘Ecoute les branches, elles chantent pour toi, ah qu’il est terrible, cet arbre là !’« C’est un lieu comme nul autre. Un arbre, comme dans les temps anciens, préservé des affects climatiques, devenu Monument à la nature. Tels nos ancêtres qui s’asseyaient sur ses racines pour écouter les histoires du monde, l’arbre soupir encore leurs paroles antiques. Aujourd’hui, nous perpétuons ce rituel en venant les écouter. Nous l’observons tel un symbole d’un monde disparu. Les enfants découvrent un être inconnu qu’ils ne sauraient décrire comme un rêve ou un cauchemar. Les parents pleurent et se recueillent, se parlent et se souviennent, rêvent d’un autre monde que celui qu’ils laissent à leur descendance. »


The UNBUILT tree in a cage. « This is a place like no other. A tree, like in the past times, preserved from climate change, it became a Monument to nature. Like our ancestors who were gathering and sitting on its roots to listen stories of the world, the tree still wisper those antic words. Today we continue this ritual by coming to listen to them. We observe it as a symbol of another world. Children are discovering an unknown object that they can’t define as a dream or nightmare subject. Adults cry, remember, speak to each other and take time to dream a different world they’re going to leave to their own filiation. »

This installation offer an intimate temporary space that invites people to stay, meet and interact. This proposal is based on the schematic cross-section of Milton Keynes were we have a vision of what is the relation of Mankind and Nature. The tree, one amoung all the trees framing the parking lots, porte-cochere and the double road, is surrounded by a scalfoding structure that allows a staircase and a top point of view but also a long fabric that close the space until the floor on both sides and up to 1.80 meters on the two ohters. Around the tree, on the roots, a platform that host pipes structure and next to it benches and sits. The pipes works as an amplifier of voices. They are a mix of interviews of inhabitants of MK speaking about their city, lectures from thinkers, poem, texts, sounds. The fabric is used as a projection screen. This temporary space can host conferences, live lectures, bands, workshops.